Remote Reporting

The Lothian and Borders Police “Remote Reporting Scheme” was launched in 2002 and is now run nationally by Police Scotland. This was implemented following research, which showed a huge under-reporting of crime amongst people who identified as being LGBT, despite the fact they were far more likely to be victims of crime.

Remote Reporting is a way of encouraging people to report crime that they may not wish to report directly to the Police. The information can be given anonymously and used to build profiles for similar crimes, or it can be followed up at the level appropriate to the crime.

If you have received verbal or physical abuse because of your sexuality or would like to report any other crimes then get in touch with us either in person, by phone or email. You can also email a LGBT friendly police officer:

The other agencies taking part are Lothian Gay & Lesbian Switchboard and LGBT Youth Scotland.

For a number of years ROAM has worked alongside Police Scotland to help achieve this. It is important that cruising areas are as safe as possible.

The Police have stated that even if you have been in a known cruising area when the incident happened this would not be in anyway detrimental to your case. They are not out to get you for being there!!