Beyond our m-test and 121services we deliver weekly outreach sessions for guys who cruise, attend gay saunas and use apps.

So however you meet guys, remember it’s not always risk free…

We are an outreach team that focus on meeting guys within our community, cruising grounds and online, outwith the normal 9-5 making services more accessible.

We have a number of services designed to deliver easy-to-access testing within saunas and LGBTQI events and support for any guys using cruising sites and apps. So if you need condoms and lube, want someone to talk to if things go wrong or even signposting to other services, come speak to us if you see us out and about

Just a little advice; your safety is important, so whether you’re hooking up for sex in someone’s house, meeting within a PSE or enjoying some time in the sauna,  we recommend you take precautions for your own personal safety….