ROAM have been an outreach service for almost 3 decades and through our community partnership work, we have awareness to the sensitive nature surrounding cruising within public sex environments.

Meeting other guys for sex in PSEs isn’t illegal, however if you display any indecent behaviour that can be seen to cause offence to others, you may find yourself in trouble.

Our top tips for safer cruising:

  • Check local cruising websites for information regarding any issues at specific areas
  • Familiarise yourself with the area, checking exits (be aware that the area will look different at night)
  • Go with a friend or make someone aware of your location
  • Remember, if you have been drinking or taking drugs, your judgment will be impaired, leaving you more vulnerable
  • Always have condoms and lube available
  • Carry your phone, unlock the track my iPhone app allowing others to know your whereabouts
  • Many guys may experience some form of hate crime. We are a third party reporting service that allows you to report any crime indirectly to the police and anonymously if preferred.