Male Sex Work

For almost three decades we have worked with male sex workers (MSW) across Lothian.

Through our outreach we continue to provide a specialist, non judgmental support service for anyone selling sex. We make regular contact with MSW via email, telephone or whatsapp, offering our m-test service, 121 support, as well discussing different safer sex options

We’re aware of the risks you may encounter as a MSW. If you’ve been a victim of a crime, we can support you by officially reporting it to the police, or can report on your behalf anonymously.  You can also report any crimes to Ugly Mugs, contact the sexual assault referral service (SARCS) who provide help to all MSW, SurvivorsUK or contact Chalmers sexual health clinic

Remember all services are confidential and can help you with any concerns or issues you may experience

Third Party Reporting

Third Party Reporting (previously known as Remote Reporting) is a way of reporting a crime, including Hate Crime, or passing on information without talking to the police directly. There are a number of different organisations including ROAM where victims, witnesses, carers, can speak privately to a member of staff, and we will pass your information onto the police.

Third Party Reporting is not suitable for incidents that require an immediate response or urgent contact with the police. In such cases, the use of emergency number 999 is recommended.

The 101 non-emergency number will make it quicker and easier for you to contact the police when you don’t need an emergency response, for example to:

  • speak to your local police officer
  • report a crime that’s already happened, such as a theft or damage to property
  • get crime prevention advice
  • make the police aware of any policing issues in your area

ROAM is a dedicated third party reporting agency and can support anyone who may consider this as an option.